Why a Cleanse day = a Shred day

weight-loss-vs-fat-lossIt was once taken as fact by bodybuilders and fitness competitors that to keep metabolism high and stay anabolic, you had to eat every three to four hours. Any deviation from this eating schedule would put one at risk of losing hard-earned muscle—every bodybuilder’s nightmare. But with the rise of intermittent fasting, traditional dietary philosophies for building muscle and burning fat have been turned into their heads. Both the science and anecdotal reports are beginning to show that intermittent fasting can help bodybuilders get shredded faster then just eating and working out.


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Six Things You Should Know About Cleansing For 2016!

scale-weight loss-photoThe New Year calls for a fresh start and a renewed commitment to reaching your weight-loss, health, and fitness goals. It’s why January is one of the most popular months for performing Cleanse Days for getting rid of unwanted pounds and inches.

But before rushing into any cleansing routine, it’s a good idea to know what to expect. To keep you informed, we’ve put together a collection of some of our past articles on cleansing to help you get on your way. Brush up on the best Cleanse Day practices, the science behind why cleansing works, and why performing Cleanse Days regularly can be important for overall health and sustained weight loss. It is the difference between obtaining you goals or not!

Why Cleansing Works

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