Well we are in the first week of 2016. Can you believe it!!! 2016!!! Where did 2015 go? If was over in a flash, a blink of an eye.Don’t let 2016 end like 2015 did. That hold true whether you had a great year of not.

What is the key to creating success?

It is to set goals. Not just big goals, You need little ones which work with along the way to help you obtain the big goals you desire. You must, and I mean must write your goals down. You can not just write on a piece of paper or a white board that you want to make XYZ dollars or sign 200 prospects up into you business. Here is where the small goals come into play.

Look at small goals like stepping-stones to get to the big ones. Write down a plan of action. By doing this you will be able to see what you need to do, see you vision, your path to obtaining your desires. As you work towards each step feel free to cross it off and give yourself a pat on the back. Give yourself some congratulations!!!

So the basic steps are:

  1. Write down your big goals for the year
  2. Write down the small goals you need to accomplish to put you on the road to getting your big goals.
  3. Celebrate every small goal you achieve!!
  4. Celebrate obtaining you big goals!!!


I hope you got some value in this. And here is to 2016!! It is going to be great!

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