What is the six-step decision making process?

Make a decisonIt really boggles my mind that there are so many people in Network or Affiliate marketing industry that truly just can’t make a decision. They are shown or told step by step the things which they need to do in order to succeed. But instead the decide to just do nothing or more of the same which they have been doing. If you want to be successful in anything you do, your must make a decision followed be action!   Action is the true indictor of a decision which has been made. To help those along who are struggling in their businesses because of the lack of decision or action, I have laid out the 6 steps of the decision making process.

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Entrepreneur Vs. Employee Mindset…


The difference between an Entrepreneurs and Employees mindset is drastic, and depending on where you fall on the spectrum, will either make or break your success in this field.

One of the biggest reasons I think so many people fail is the fact that they come into this industry with an employee mindset which puts an invisible lid on what they’re able to accomplish, and what they’re expectations are.

There are two KEY differentiators between the two mindsets:


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