4 Steps To Sponsor Up To 80% Of The People You Talk To

Blog-11-23-Vitaliy-DubininIn todays blog post I would like to share with you 4 steps to sponsor up to 80% of the people you talk to by Vitaliy Dubinin. He is one of the foremost leaders in the network marketing space.

If you want to build a highly profitable network marketing business and win your freedom, you have to master the fundamental skill that you are being paid for: the art and science of sponsoring and recruiting. It’s the key to your team duplication and building huge teams, and while it’s not the only thing you are getting paid for, it’s definitely the lifeblood of your business.

In this blog post I’ll share with you the most straight path to getting a YES and outline the 4 steps to predictably sponsor all the people that you talk to directly on skype, on the phone or in person, that can be sponsored and that are a good fit to your business.

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3 Simple Ways To Drastically Stand Out From The Crowd

Stand_out_from_crowdAlright… So if you’ve been in the Online Marketing game for any period of time, you know that right now, more than ever, the Marketplace is a little bit crazy. There are literally tens of thousands of affiliates promoting just 3-4 opportunities, and 97% of those affiliates are failing.

Why? Because they’re doing EXACTLY what everyone else is that makes up the rest of the 97%. They’re not taking any action steps to stand out in the Marketplace as a leader and an authority, and they’re not giving anyone any good reason that they should join them in their business or buy whatever it is they’re selling. As one of my mentors, Tim Erway would say, they’re “me too” marketing.

Today were going to cover 3 simple ways for you to separate yourself from the crowd, and kill the “me too marketer” inside of you forever!

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Why people struggle to sponsor!




In todays blog post we are going to talk about why people have so much trouble sponsoring other people in network marketing and go over some of the common mistakes which people make everyday when talking to prospects.

I highly suggest that you take a look at this course if you truly want to know how to prospect and generate the leads you want. Check it out here

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