6 Steps To Sell ANYTHING on the Internet!

sellanythingWant to know the exact message to put in all your marketing to get more leads and make more sales? Of course you do and in today’s post I’m going to share with you 6 steps of how to not only deliver what your audience thinks they need but what you know they need. If you understand this marketing strategy you can sell just about anything…even you know what! In fact lets do that today, lets sell some!

This is what we call Surface and Root Level Marketing

What Your Audience Thinks They Need – Surface Problem and there is What they actually need is a Root Problem

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Why people struggle to sponsor!




In todays blog post we are going to talk about why people have so much trouble sponsoring other people in network marketing and go over some of the common mistakes which people make everyday when talking to prospects.

I highly suggest that you take a look at this course if you truly want to know how to prospect and generate the leads you want. Check it out here

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How to get People to Like You!


So, I have been getting a bunch of questions about this. How to get people to like you!

Well, There is a keyword I want you to think about!  The word is “LISTEN” People go around everyday and feel like they are just not listened to at all. Not by their spouse, their children, co-workers or even their bosses. This is great for you as a network marketer since we are in the business of helping people. That is helping people through listening. I am going to talk about a couple of ways to get people to like you.

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2 Social Media sites you may not be using!


Are you on Twitter or Instagram? If you not you really should be!


Get Twitter here: Create Account                   Get Instagram here: Create account

Both formats are tremendous avenues for reaching out to people you don’t know
and also to attract people to your profile. As you gain followers in each you have the potential of
bring those individuals in as prospects for you primary business.

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Why people treat you the way they do?


attractionmarketingUsually I talk about a lot of topics around network marketing, self-improvement and mindset. Success in any of those areas all come down to how you relate to others and how you communicate.

Think about it!

The most successful people you know are great communicators most of the time. They are also treated a certain way by their peers. That doesn’t mean that being successful brings you tons and tons of friends, it certainly can also bring you enemies or people envious of your success. Just look at the current Presidential campaigns.

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3 Simple Tips to Increase your Warm Market

Turn strangers into your Warm Market!How long have you been in network marketing? I made the decision to get into this great profession about 1.5 years ago. It started off great, but after a month or so things really tailed off. I started struggling finding people outside of my friends and family. Otherwise known as your Warm Market. So where do most new business owners turn to once hey have exhausted their warm market? The Internet! But most new entrepreneurs find it difficult to get their heads above water of all the other people on the Internet trying to accomplish the same goal! “To be Noticed”

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